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At Legacy Shed Company, we do our very best to go above and beyond in every step of our journey with you, from initial customer satisfaction, to long term customer relations extending well beyond product delivery. We endeavor to make every experience with us as easy, seamless and as pleasant as imaginable, whether you are a first time buyer or have purchased from us many times, you can expect the same level of service time and time again.


Legacy Sheds Floor Strength Demo


  • Lofted Shed
  • Lofted Short Wall Shed
  • Lofted Corner Porch Shed
  • Lofted Center Porch Shed
  • Lofted End Porch Shed
  • Lofted Deluxe Porch
  • Side Lofted Shed
  • Lofted Garage
  • Utility Shed
  • Utility End Porch Shed
  • Utility Corner Porch Shed
  • Utility Center Porch Shed
  • Utility Side Porch Shed
  • Utility Deluxe Porch
  • Side Utility Shed
  • Utility Garage


Very friendly and helpful. These sheds are the best quality and value available.

Jason Slusser

After my husband and I looked for more than 6 months on getting a new storage Shed, we decided to travel to Salisbury for a day trip whenever we saw a Legacy Shed Company lot. We stopped. How fortunate for us. Not only did they build what we wanted. It was completely finished in 3 weeks. Set up awesome.

Wanda Huffman

Love our new Shed. Going to save a lot of money. Was paying 200 for rental storage oh boy love it.

Teresa Werber

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